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IPv6 Enabled Logo certification is an international IPv6 certification program for Internet online services and infrastructure initiated by the IPv6 Forum (www.ipv6forum.com). It is implemented by the subordinate IPv6 Enabled logo certification committee. The certification covers website (WWW), application (APP), CDN, cloud services, data center and other services. The purpose is to promote IPv6 infrastructure and services to fully support IPv6 and accelerate the global deployment of IPv6, thereby increasing global IPv6 network traffic.

The IPv6 Enabled WWW Logo website certification program is divided into two phases: Phase-1 and Phase-2. Phase-1 mainly detects website domain name AAAA resolution and website IPv6 connectivity. Phase-2 has more stringent requirements for website IPv6 support. On the basis of Phase-1, the test content added WEB server software test, WEB server content test and stability, and requires the website to open IPv6 service stably over the long term.

The IPv6 Enabled APP Logo certification program is for mobile APPs. This certification mainly detects whether APPs can interact normally in pure IPv6 networks. By detecting APP software, APP domain name resolution, APP user registration and login, APP information browsing, APP business interaction, and APP Internal information search, etc. to verify whether the page load and business logic of the APP in a pure IPv6 network are consistent with those in the IPv4 network.

The IPv6 Enabled CDN Logo certification program is an evaluation certification of IPv6 support for CDNs. It will detect the IPv6 support of CDN products from the domain name CNAME binding resolution, network connectivity, and content and file acceleration.

IPv6 Enabled Cloud Logo program and IPv6 Enabled IDC Logo program is currently under development and will be released later.

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